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EZ Computer Tips was developed with a novice in mind. We all have to start somewhere, don’t we? If you need to know more about computers or just beginning to learn about computers then this is the place. For those of you that need more technical help, please check out our resources page for links to various help sites. I thank you for visiting, and hope that I have helped.

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Computer Tips

Kid’s Christmas Gift Info – Information on holiday gifts for kids in the technology realm of Christmas gift giving.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Shopping during the holidays can be very frustrating. Here’s some tech type gifts for your significant other.

Xbox 360 info for Christmas 2007 – A little help in deciphering the Xbox 360 and its many version and endless add-ons.

Save money when upgrading your computer – Why buy a whole system when you don’t have to? Recycle your old parts.

Free Microsoft Vista Wallpaper – Our custom collection of desktop backgrounds made specially just for Windows Vista.

Computer Basics 2 3 4 5 – Basic terminology and functions of the parts of a computer from hardware to software.

Complete Computer Maintenance – Instructions on how to clean your Windows XP in order to keep running run smooth.

Updating your Windows software – Making sure your Microsoft Windows operating system is completely updated.

Complete cleaning of spyware, viruses and adware – Instructions on how to get your computer cleaned professionally.

Boost performance and speed with more RAM – Info on RAM, what it is and how it works. Does your computer need more RAM?

Buying a new printer – Information and tips when buying a new printer for your home or office. What to look for and avoid.

Protect yourself online – Tips and tricks to surf the internet more securely. Tips on firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware and browsers.

Sharing Files, Folders and Printers on XP – How to share files, folders and printers with others on your home, or office network.

Wireless network setup – Are you ready to go wireless? Giving you the basics on setting up your own wireless network at home.

Buying a computer – What to look for. What does all mean? The basics in buying a brand new computer.

Pesky adware and spyware – a little background info and ways to prevent and remove the stuff from your computer.

Slow, sluggish computer – If you don’t know how to perform maintenance on your own machine, then you should read this.

What’s the deal with spam? – Annoying, to say the least. Some info, tips, and ways to get rid of it and avoid it in the future.

Searching and search engines – Do you really know how to use search engines? Do you know what a search engine is?

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